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On 19 January 1916 the exhibition "0,10" was completed. The organisation of this exhibition, as well as the joint with Malevich "Scientific-Popular Lecture of the Suprematists" (12 January 1916) took a lot of energy and time from Puni. Apparently a decline in creative activity came after this, since his paintings, clearly dated 1916, are unknown. At the exhibition of the association "Jack of Diamonds" in December 1916 Puni gave 32 works, but these were mostly works that had already been in the exhibitions "Tramway V" and "0.10", judging by the titles in the catalogue.
By the end of 1916 Puni apparently considered for himself the stage of suprematist proclamations and experiments closed, parted ways with Malevich and moved on his own way.
His paintings from 1917-1919 show the development of ideas in three different directions: constructive naturalism (still lifes constructed according to the rules of constructivism, but from real objects); futurism/orphism in an execution somewhat reminiscent of the manner of Gino Severini; and original post-suprematism/lettrism (four remarkable paintings from 1919, now preserved in the State Russian Museum).
Participation in group exhibitions: 1916 - five exhibitions, 1917 - 1919 - two exhibitions per year.

1917. Still Life with Chessboard. Oil, canvas. 70 х 50 cm. Novgorod State United Museum, inv. СЖ-141 1917. Table, Hat, Frame. Oil, canvas. 76 х 69 cm. State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, inv. Ж-1321 1917. Still Life with Cylinder. Oil, canvas. 66 х 44 cm. Previously in the Rybakov collection, St. Petersburg 1918, autumn. Still Life with Bottle. Oil, canvas. 71,5 х 42,5 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1575
1917-1919. Still Life with White Jug. Oil, canvas. 89 х 71 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1400 1917-1918. Chair, Palette, Violin. Oil, canvas. 100 х 73 cm. Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris 1917-1919. Chair and Hatbox. Oil, canvas. 98 х 54 cm. The Manasherov Collection, Moscow 1917-1919. Still Life with Bottle and Red Book. Oil, canvas. 68 х 54 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1644
1919. Table. Still Life. Oil, canvas. 103 х 73 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1696 1919. Violin. Oil, canvas. 115 х 145 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1339
(the painting actually depicts a cello)
1919. Spectrum Flight of Forms. Oil, canvas. 131 х 133 cm. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-2074 1919. Bath (the author's title; the museum title - Still Life with Letters and Jug). Oil, canvas. 88 х 88 cm. State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, inv. ЖБ-1399