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In the autumn of 1923, the Pougny couple settled in Paris.
The phase of constructive naturalism was completed by the end of 1923 and early 1924.
In 1924, Pougny developed a new manner: the straight lines of the laconic compositions of the constructive naturalism times are now curved, and the compositions themselves acquire a baroque whimsicality. The new manner is characterised by an abundance (both in quantity and, above all, quality) of piled objects. Quite large (more than a metre) horizontal and vertical still lifes and several compositions with figures. There is less absurdism than before; rather a slight hyperbolisation; almost naturalistic things. As a man who grew up early (and mastered cubofuturism and suprematism) but underplayed in his childhood, Pougny now comes back to the mimetic drawing of simple things. A "savoury" glittering painterly medley. The colours are bright, but not mottled. The colour is still alive, fluttering, with light and shade. Lyudmila Miklashevskaya, who saw these things in the artist's studio before the exhibition in 1925: "They were mostly still lifes, but, contrary to the name of this genre, the paintings were so full of life, irony, even sarcasm, that I was scattered in expressions of delight."
In addition to the large- and medium-format paintings of this period, a special group is made up of small still lifes with simple objects: fruit, mushrooms, cakes, a knife, tobacco. The viewer is shown the picturesque charm of ordinary everyday things, and it is obvious that the artist derived sensual pleasure from the work. Almost naturalistic art, but the energy is overflowing so that the objects try to break out of their correct form: for example, the knife bends backwards. These are harbingers of the future development - the generalisation of objects into signs. The colouring of small still lifes is more often dark, brownish or greenish.
Participation in exhibitions: 1925 - solo exhibition at Galerie Barbazanges, 1924 - 1925 - three group exhibitions, 1926 - one.

1924-1925. Musical Instruments and Vase of Fruit. Oil, canvas. 89 х 130 cm 1925. Still Life - Basket and Violin Case. Oil, canvas. 130 х 81 cm 1925. Athlete (My Cousin Grigory). Oil, canvas. 130 х 89 cm. ABA Gallery, New York 1924-1925. Nu. Oil, canvas. 101 х 66 cm. ABA Gallery, New York
1924-1925. Fruit Plate. Oil, board. 25 х 31 cm 1924-1925. Pipe and Tobacco. Oil, canvas. 38 х 46,5 cm. State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, inv. Ж-1322 1925-1926. Still Life with Mushrooms. Oil, canvas. 33 х 41 cm 1926. Fruit Plate. Oil, canvas. 17 х 24 cm